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Most branding blogs are written for branding professionals and corporate marketing executives. This one’s different. Browse through the Brand Insight Blog and you’ll find deep, insightful content that’s packed full of practical advice, ideas, and examples that you can put to work immediately in your small business.

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Fresh off the printing press

3 key elements of branding: Relevance, Credibility & Differentiation

When you look at companies — large and small — that have become successful brands, you’ll notice strength, consistency and often superiority in three key areas: Relevance, Credibility and Differentiation. Let’s look at the 3 key elements of branding and see how companies combine them into a winning recipe for sustainable growth. Elements of Branding – #1 Relevance    In his book on…

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Take your next agency for a spin.

You wouldn’t buy a BMW without getting behind the wheel. You have no idea what it can do. Same with BN Branding. So let’s go for a test drive… just one small assignment to prove how well we handle whatever you throw at us.

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