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A profitable approach to naming your company.

Money Name - Branding Book

Naming your business is the single most important marketing task you have to do.

Your brand name is the foundation of everything. So you can’t just pull random names out of a hat and hope for the best.

You need a name that means something. A name that rolls off the tongue and sticks in the brain. A name that’s hard to forget and easy to say.

This book will help. It’s the only book you’ll ever need on naming. The ultimate DIY guide.

Money Name covers all the crucial elements of the naming process, from brand strategy development, preparation, brainstorming and noodling to testing and trademark protection.

You’ll refer back to it over and over again as you’re naming your business. It’s a twelve buck book that’ll pay for itself a million times over.

All the tips you’ll ever need on naming your business.

Don’t waste time trying to name your business until you’ve seen this book. Get the guidance and inside information you need to find the perfect brand name for your new business or product. Get your digital copy of Money Name today.

Only $11.95

A strong brand name is the # 1 ingredient of a successful brand identity. It’s also the hardest piece to come up with.

Naming your business can be painfully difficult. It’s really hard to make a good, confident decision when there’s so much riding on it.

A strong brand name can be the difference between being completely anonymous or forever iconic.

naming your business BN Branding

So before you choose, ask yourself this: Do you want to be top-of-mind or long forgotten? Do you want to go down in history or up in flames?

That’s the difference between a crummy name and a Money Name.

Can you tell the difference?

Most people cannot. They have no clue what makes a Money Name, and yet they dive into the most important naming project of their lives with no guidance, no professional help and no process to follow.

This new book eliminates that problem. It reduces the guesswork of naming your business and adds objectivity to a painfully subjective process.

Order your copy of the Money Name Ebook today.

It’s available right now. Immediate PDF download.

Here’s a glimpse inside
the best naming book ever:

Contents of Money Name

Introduction – Naming Your Business
Chapter 1:  From Ordinary to Iconic – Why names matter
Chapter 2:  Why Naming is so damn hard  
Chapter 3: Common traps – How naming goes wrong
Chapter 4:  Brand Strategy – The bedrock of naming success  
Chapter 5: What you need to know about trademark law
Chapter 6: The Brainstorming Process – aka the sexy part
Chapter 7:  Noodling, choosing and moving forward.
Chapter 8:  How to be Objective – Sorta
Chapter 9:  Contests, Crowdsourcing and AI Nonsense
Chapter 10:  Taglines make good names great
Chapter 11:  Formal market research for name testing???
Chapter 12:  Next steps – adding design to the mix

moneyname book preview

Most small businesses don’t survive the rebranding process. So don’t put your company, and your career at risk. Don’t rely just on your own biased opinion. Don’t settle for a brand name you’re going to regret. Do it right the first time. Read this new book before you start working on a brand name.

Order your copy of the Money Name Ebook today.

It’s available right now. Immediate PDF download. Bundle it with The 1st Fundamental of Marketing, and save $4.00.

naming your business - John Furgurson author of Money Name

My name’s John Furgurson. I’m the author of Money Name and owner of BN Branding. I’ve been naming companies, building brands and re-branding perfectly good businesses for over 30 years. Believe me, it’s best to do it right the first time.

Naming your business is not as easy people seem to think. If you’ve ever tried to get a trademark or secure a URL you know that good names are tough to come by. It seems like someone’s already thought of everything.

Finding just the right name, getting buy-in, securing legal approval, building consensus and pulling the trigger is a big job. It’s easy to start second guessing yourself.

So I’m going to share some of the secrets that the pros use to conjure up Money Names…

The Money Name process starts with brand strategy. Nobody does that, so if you follow my lead you’ll have a tremendous leg up on the competition. Buy Money Name now and you can also get my essential guide to marketing strategy: The 1st Fundamental. You won’t find the right name if you don’t have a good grasp of those fundamentals.

Don’t leave the important naming decision up to chance. Download the ebook today. If you’d rather get the 1st Edition paperback, or the Kindle version of my book, just pop over to Amazon. com.

Get a brand name you can take to the bank.

How to choose a brand name

Plus learn how to …

Save time naming your company and dramatically improve your odds of success in the long run.
Simplify the process and get the tools you need to come up with your own Money Name.
Eliminate much of the guesswork and add an element of objectivity into a painfully subjective process.

Would the Mona Lisa be valued at $850 million dollars if Leonardo da Vinci had named it Madam Lisa Giacando?

Mona Lisa
Photo by Zach Dyson on Unsplash

Would JFK mess around with any woman named Norma Jean Mortenson?

Would Google reach a market cap of a trillion dollars if it was called Back Rub or Googol?

Probably not. Names make the difference.


Hollywood stars have known that for years. Everyone from Marilyn Monroe to Vin Diesel and Snoop Dogg have changed their names in order to be remembered. Iconic. Immortalized.

Unfortunately, most business owners don’t get it. They have no clue what makes a Money Name, and they dive into the most important naming project of their lives with no professional help and no process to follow.

This book solves that problem. It’s a practical, how-to guide to naming for anyone who’s thinking of starting a company or launching a new product.

Instead of guessing, and risking it all on a questionable brand name, just follow the process outlined in this book. It’s an easy read that can mean the difference between a bomb and a billion dollar brand.

Choose a brand name that pays.

Don’t waste your time on names that aren’t memorable, protectable and marketable. Get your digital copy of Money Name today.

Only 11.95

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