Smiles make sales. Disarm them with optimism, and build on a friendly platform of genuine passion.


Here's what we're all about:

Progress, across the board. If you want to take your business to a whole new level, we can help. We get results by applying our creativity in three key areas:

Branding. We build new brands from the ground up, or we help you articulate your existing brand ethos and communicate it clearly through graphic design and the written word.

Advertising.  We all grew up in the advertising agency world. We produce effective advertising in all forms. It’s creative work based on solid, strategic thinking.

Marketing management. We help business owners navigate the complex landscape of modern tactical marketing by integrating all the pieces and providing exceptional client services.

Here's our reason for being:

We’re here to help you succeed. Simple as that. Nothing gets us more fired up than seeing our clients achieve their dreams.

Here's what we believe:

Authentic brand values from Branding firm BNBranding

Successful brands have meaning beyond money. They’re built on a solid belief system of authentic values that attract like-minded people.

BNBranding is built on these core beliefs:

We believe that creativity is the ultimate business weapon. Inspired, innovative thinking is behind every great brand, from Apple to Zappos. We also believe that it’s hard to be creative when you’re up to your neck in day-to-day operations. Most business owners need a spark from the outside.

We believe that strategy is a creative exercise. Strategy drives the execution that produces results. If you have a me-too strategy, no amount of creative trickeration is going to produce the outcome you’re looking for. Creative strategy plus creative execution is a formidable combination that your competitors will hate.

BNBranding bend oregon branding process

We believe that process matters. This is a service business, so how we work is often just as important as what we produce. We don’t take shortcuts. For us, it’s Insight first, then Execution. Every time. It’s a process designed specifically to produce maximum results with minimal headaches.

We believe that every company needs a seasoned marketing generalist. A generalist can help you navigate the entire marketing landscape and make sure you’re maximizing every marketing tactic by effectively managing the necessary specialists.

We believe in the persuasive power of disruptive words. Fact: Well-crafted messages with incongruent words work better. Because the human brain automatically screens out the normal, mundane language of most business pitches. It’s in one ear, and out the other. Creative messages, on the other hand, fire the synapses and trigger an emotional response. Here’s an example of great messaging.

a new approach to website design BNBranding

We believe that emotion trumps logic every time. Research it yourself… the latest brain science proves that people make emotional purchases, then use reason to justify the decision. No great brand has ever been built on reason alone. Not one. In branding, it’s what they feel, not what they think.

We believe the marketing MIX is more important than ever. The marketing landscape is evolving quickly. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Snapchat provide exciting new ways to tell stories and make connections, but technology itself isn’t the story. You still need a healthy mix of marketing tactics. Some high tech, some high touch. Some old school, some new school.

Brand narratives by BNBranding

We believe in the glory of a good story. Every great business has an engaging story to tell. So tell it! We can help you find creative new ways to spin that tale… in ads, on your website, in presentations, tweets and Facebook posts.

We believe in skeptical optimism. As creative thinkers we’re naturally skeptical, but not in a pessimistic way. We question the status quo in order to move your business upward. Tell us that something can’t be done, that it’s too hard, or too “out there” and we’ll be positively skeptical about that.

We believe Design belongs in business school. Tom Peters calls it “the soul of new enterprise.”  It’s Design that differentiates the world’s most valuable brand – Apple.  It’s Design that made Tupperware a cultural phenomenon. Design evokes passion, emotion and attachment… all required elements of great brands.

We believe in the art of persuasion. Data is a big deal these days. But effective marketing communications still comes down to saying the right thing, and saying it well. A brilliantly crafted combination of words and images will always be more motivating than data. Here’s a relevant case study.

 We believe in the power of collaboration. Great ideas can come from anywhere. We don’t have a corner on that market. So we collaborate with our clients to uncover ideas and insight that we may never have thought of. Then we take that ball and run with it.

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Here's who we are:

John Furgurson, CEO/Creative Director

John Furgurson branding expert bend oregon advertising agency ownerJohn’s been called an anomaly… A creative guy with a penchant for business. A poetic entrepreneur.

He can devise an insightful strategy in the morning, and craft award-winning ad copy over lunch. He has a left-brain, right-brain one-two punch that few marketing executives offer.

John cut his teeth writing direct response ads — where sales were the only litmus test of success. From there, he worked for several Portland-area advertising agencies on a vast array of print and radio campaigns.

John also did a stint in the video industry where he wrote scripts and helped produce long-format videos and direct-response TV for big, national brands.

John Furgurson branding expert skiing at Mt. BachelorEventually, John moved to Bend, Oregon to raise his kids and strike that delicate balance between work and play.

His first Bend advertising agency was named AdWords, which worked out well when Google decided they really, really needed that URL.

So he rebranded the firm.

John’s advertising agency — BNBranding — has touched many of Oregon’s most iconic brands, such as Black Butte Ranch, Sunriver Resort, and Bend itself. He has also helped plan, manage and execute marketing programs for start-ups and many small businesses. (The kind that can’t afford failure.)

John shares his expertise regularly on the Brand Insight Blog, which he’s been writing since 2007.

Find John Furgurson on LinkedIn:

Elissa Davis, Art Director/Designer

Elissa Davis bend Oregon branding expertIn this day and age, inspired design often takes a back seat to the bells and whistles of modern technology. Too bad.

We believe subtle, aesthetic considerations have a pronounced affect on your brand and your overall business. That’s why Elissa’s a key team member at BNBranding.

Elissa has the uncanny ability to absorb brand strategies and translate them into gorgeous, relevant design work.

Over the years, she’s been the design talent behind many award-winning brands, like the playfully random eBay logo, for instance, and the brilliantly simple Malibu Country Club brand identity.

Elissa’s talents extend far beyond logos, into print and web design as well. And she sweats every detail. From the psychological effects of a color change to the usability implications of a specific website font, she works with the precision and care of a true craftsman and artist.

Erik Zetterberg, Web developer

EZ head shot for websiteErik’s our web master/programmer/technology consultant. Here’s how it usually goes with Erik…

We approach him with our initial concepts for a website or a digital advertising campaign. He tells us it can’t be done. No way. Then we go back and forth arguing the merits of the idea vs. the realities of HTML programming. (We’ll spare you the details on that.)

Eventually Erik goes deep down into some technological rabbit hole, and we don’t hear from him for a couple days. But he always emerges with a workable solution. Every time.

The results are stunning… Websites that look as good as they perform. Web-generated leads that actually lead to something. With Erik’s help you get higher conversion rates and analytics that your CFO will love. It’s better with Zetter. Berg.


Here's what they say about us:

Travel industry marketing client - Preston Thompson“When I was doing travel industry marketing at Black Butte Ranch  BNBranding was our advertising agency of record. They started out by doing the research and writing the book on the Black Butte brand. Then they refreshed our brand identity, produced new signage throughout the resort, and did some great advertising for us. Their work put heads in beds and helped us increase our golf revenues.”Preston Thompson, Thompson Guitars

“When we found BN Branding, our website was in a state of emergency. John took great interest in our products and took the time to get familiar with our business model and our clientele. John came up with the new name and logo. And when the site was finished and launched, our selling proposition was much more clear, which led to more online sales without the “pre-call”.  I would recommend BNBranding to anyone looking for any marketing.”  – Scott Beydler, Beydler CNC

“I love learning, and I dive into subjects head first, including marketing. It’s kind of an obsession of mine. I’ve worked with some big-name marketing guys across the country, but John Furgurson is my go-to guy. I’m very analytical, and I always over-think things. John has a good process that he follows, and he always has good ideas. Some of the work he’s done for me over the years is just brilliant.”John Ford, Golf at the Next Level.

bend oregon advertising agency BN Branding firm portfolio

“As an interior designer I really appreciate the art and craftsmanship of the work they do at BNBranding. Their design work is meticulous and very well thought out. John Furgurson is the consummate professional… always delivers what he says he’s going to deliver. They did my website and some very nice printed sales materials. It’s first rate. I would definitely recommend them.”  – Lisa Slayman, Slayman Cinema.

BNBranding revolutionized how I was positioning my invention. John took a deep dive into the roots of user preferences for various paddle craft, then helped me recognize a far broader application for my design. The aha! moment together was truly remarkable.  I will always credit John as the Big Thinker behind what we now call our “crosscanoe.”  

They also went above and beyond with their namestorming process to facilitate discovery of our brand name. My relatively small, early investment with BNBranding was immensely worthwhile.  I was able to launch my startup on the right foot, with a strong foundation.  I now smile at my early mistakes that won’t become disasters down the road. John is a skilled strategist who is easy to work with. He really  knows his stuff.  

Michael Grant – Kitigan CrossCanoes

Here's where we choose to work:

Yep, it’s a Bend Oregon branding company. The fresh air, the beauty and the outdoor action in Bend is beneficial to our creativity and productivity. It’s the juice that keeps the ideas coming. If you’d like to mix business with pleasure with a visit to Central Oregon give us a call. We can arrange a rejuvenating, brand-oriented business trip that you can write-off.

Bend Oregon branding company

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Here's what's new at BNBranding:

Jan 2, 2019

Bend branding firm redesigns GutPro packaging.

Organic 3 Inc., makers of Gut Pro probiotics and owner of Corganic Ecommerce has hired BNBranding to design a new brand identity and packaging for their GutPro line of probiotics and enzymes.

Nov 15, 2018

BNBranding chosen to help launch a new health benefits company in California.

Bend, Oregon branding firm

Incentive Health of Bakersfield, California has hired BNBranding to help them stir things up in the health benefits arena. The Bend, Oregon branding firm is working on a brand strategy, go-to-market plan, website, sales materials and a tactical marketing plan for the new company.

“This is a fantastic opportunity for us to help create a disruptive new brand, from the ground up,” said John Furgurson, owner of BNBranding. “We’re going to change the way CEOs look at health benefits. It’s exciting.”

Until now, CEOs have faced a difficult decision off when doing their annual review of health benefits. “It’s always been a trade off,” Furgurson said. “They had to choose between their people and their profits. It’s a no-win. But now there’s an alternative to that.”

Aug, 2018

BNBranding launches new website and ecommerce store for Coconut Secret.

BNBranding website for Coconut SecretWe’re proud to be working Leslie’s Organics, makers of the Coconut Secret Brand of natural foods. Leslie and Randy chose us to launch an ecommerce website and provide tactical marketing assistance.

Coconut Aminos is the nation’s #1 selling brand of soy-free Asian condiments. They also have a delicious line of candy bars, chocolate bars and granola bars, all sweetened with coconut nectar. So we’re getting some tasty photography for that. (Thanks to Mike Houska, at Dogleg Studios.)

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