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Case Studies

You won’t find any Fortune 500 companies here. That’s not our niche. Our clients are business owners who don’t have time to become marketing experts. They are entrepreneurs with a dream. They are business owners and CEOs who want to reach the next level of success. Whatever that may be.

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Natural Foods Company

Superior Foods

Craig Forrest is a veteran sales executive from the frozen food industry. After 20 years in the business he wanted to launch a brand from the ground floor, so he teamed up with his old friends at Superior Foods Int. and with BN Branding.

“I had a general sense of what I wanted this new brand to be, but John and his team at BN Branding helped flesh it out and literally brought it to life,” Craig said.

brand name and identity for a supplements company
Small Batch Supplements


Dan Corrigan and his partners at Organic 3 knew they needed help with their branding. They had a successful ecommerce operation selling vitamins, minerals and probiotic supplements, but they were selling their products under a hodge-podge of names, identities and packages with no clear brand strategy.

“We were all over the place,” Corrigan said. “We thought we wanted to keep the GutPro name, and introduce a new name for our other lines. So when we approached BN Branding we had a name already picked out. That was a huge mistake.  The team at BN Branding pointed us in a much better direction.”

golf industry branding by BNBranding
Golf Industry Marketing

The Golf Institute 

John Ford’s not the type of guy who dishes out compliments. In fact, he’s one tough customer. But he’s been a client since 2006, and has stuck with BN Branding through three different business entities and multiple projects.

“Marketing is kind of an obsession of mine,” Ford said. “I’ve studied it. I’ve read tons of books. And I’ve worked with big-name advertising guys all across the country, but I keep going back to this little advertising agency in Bend, Oregon.”

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Some of the brands we’ve helped over the years…

Brand identity design by BNBranding
Black Butte Ranch brand identity design by BNBranding
Coconut Secret logotype and tagline by BNBranding
Print advertising for Desert Orthopedics by BNBranding
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advertising and content marketing for Azure Standard
BNBranding client list
Advertising for Bend Cable - now BendBroadband
Broken Top brand identity by BNBranding
Advertising for COPA in Bend, Oregon
trade advertising for Clif Bar
golf industry branding by BNBranding

Name Jumper

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Shortcut to
better brand names

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