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You won’t find any Fortune 500 companies here. That’s not our niche. Our clients are business owners who don’t have time to become marketing experts. They are entrepreneurs with a dream. They are business owners and CEOs who want to reach the next level of success. Whatever that may be.

Naming, brand strategy and identity design in the natural foods industry

Client: Superior Foods Int. — Watsonville, CA


Brand: Eathos – Premium, plant-based frozen foods


Bend, Oregon Ad Agency: BN Branding


Initial Assignment: Create a new frozen food brand, from scratch.


Solution: Brand Strategy, Naming, Identity Design, Packaging Design, Web Design and Development.


Craig Forrest is a veteran sales executive from the frozen food industry. After 20 years in the business he wanted to launch a brand from the ground floor, so he teamed up with his old friends at Superior Foods Int. and with BN Branding.

“I had a general sense of what I wanted this new brand to be, but John and his team at BN Branding helped flesh it out and literally brought it to life,” Craig said.

BN Branding began with research and a thorough brand strategy that helped Craig and his partner solidify their vision for the new business. Then they dove into the naming process.

“BN Branding has a really great system for namestorming that takes some of the guesswork out of the process,” Craig said. “It’s never easy, and it took some time for the lawyers to sort out the trademark registration, but we’re thrilled with the name Eathos and the tagline. It’s a winner.”

Once the naming process was complete the BN Branding team designed the brand identity and wrote the book on the Eathos brand. That brand bible is still the guidebook for everything they do at Eathos,

“The brand bible’s been tremendously helpful for our entire team,” Craig said. “It’s been a great guide for our discussions with our vendor, with brokers and for pitches to prospective retailers. It was instrumental in landing 800 Target stores.”

The brand book also guides the packaging design. BN Branding designed the boxes for the first eight frozen entrees, as well as bags and cases for four different club store items. (Eathos is currently available in 800 Target stores and will be rolling out in Costco later in 2022)

They did all that while simultaneously delivering the website: 

In addition, BN Branding devised a hyper-targeted digital ad campaign that produced 20% lift in velocity during two short time periods right after launch.

“By zeroing in on specific Super Target stores we were able to produce a good lift,” Craig said. “Now we just need to be in more retail locations. Then we can duplicate that advertising in many more markets.”

BN Branding’s range of services also includes PR outreach, social media, trade show booth design and branded merch.





Food branding by BN Branding

















Naming, branding and advertising in the supplements industry

Client: Organic 3 Inc. — Detroit, Michigan


Brand: Smidge – Small Batch Supplements


Bend, Oregon Ad Agency: BN Branding


Initial Assignment: Design a brand identity for the company’s line of probiotic supplements, vitamins and minerals.



Reorganize, rename and rebrand all products under one cohesive identity. Invent a whole new product category.


Dan Corrigan and his partners at Organic 3 knew they needed help with their branding. They had a successful ecommerce operation selling vitamins, minerals and probiotic supplements, but they were selling their products under a hodge-podge of names, identities and packages with no clear brand strategy.

“We were all over the place,” Corrigan said. “We thought we wanted to keep the GutPro name, and introduce a new name for our other lines. So when we approached BN Branding we had a name already picked out. That was a huge mistake.  The team at BN Branding pointed us in a much better direction.”


“small batch supplements”

Corrigan believes it’s a friendly, memorable, creative name that clearly stakes out his company’s position in the market place. “BN’s strategy of owning a new category is absolutely brilliant. No one else in our industry has ever done that, and it gives us a tremendous competitive advantage.”

It was a classic case of choosing the one name that produced the most divisive feedback in early research.

“We thought we knew what we wanted for a name, Dan said. “But Smidge is so much better! People either loved it, or hated it. That’s how we knew it was going to be a winning brand.

Once the naming process was complete and the trademark law was handled, the BN Branding team designed the brand identity and the packaging for the first six SKUs.  The design team also produced posters, branded merchandise, digital advertising concepts and the entire look and feel for all Smidge stuff.

The first two years in business with the new Smidge identity produced record sales and a dramatic jump in market share for the Detroit-based company.

“My biggest mistake was not calling BN Branding a lot sooner,” Dan said.  “The false start on our re-branding cost us a lot of money. I should have deferred to the BN Branding team from the very beginning.”












Branding in the natural foods industry

Client: Leslie’s Organics — Petaluma, CA


Brand: Coconut Secret


Bend, Oregon Ad Agency: BN Branding


Initial Assignment: Update an old, outdated website for a consumer packaged goods company.


Solution: Launch an ecommerce operation and turn the website into a profit center.


Coconut Secret was first-to-market in the alternative soy sauce category, made from coconut aminos.  Co-owner Leslie Caren was drawn to BN Branding through the Brand Insight Blog.

“When I read their article on the yin and yang of marketing, I just had to connect with them,” Leslie said. “I could tell that we’d get along… that they got it.”

Leslie called BN Branding because she needed to update the company website.  It turned into a classic case of delivering what’s best for the client, rather than what the client thought she needed.

At that time Coconut Secret did not have an ecommerce store, their website was desperately outdated, and they had no brand strategy to speak of. So it wasn’t a case of migrating old content onto a new website platform.  BN Branding had to develop a new foundation for their brand messaging  and a whole new approach to their business.

“The team at BN Branding really went above and beyond, with a new tagline, new photography, new storytelling ” Leslie said. “The tagline is absolutely brilliant… “Tap into it” says it all, in just three little words. It’s literally what we do, and it’s an affirmative call to action. We love it.”

Leslie said she never dreamed the project would lead to a whole new way of doing business through Shopify.

“The service at BN Branding has been tremendous,” she added. “We knew nothing about ecommerce or about modern website design, and they made the process totally manageable. They handled everything from the copywriting to the images and the coding and the maintenance. It opened up so many new doors for us.”

Two years after the new site was launched Coconut Secret was acquired by a multinational food company. Leslie and her brother Randy said they were able to sell for a multiplier that was millions of dollars over anything they ever dreamed of.

“Who knew that Coconut Aminos as an alternative to soy sauce could amount to all that,” Leslie said.  “But we built a nice little brand with tremendous upside potential. It was time for new management that could take it to the next level. I was sad to see that the first thing the new owners did was dismantle the website and all the great work that BN Branding did.”








Golf Industry Marketing

Client: The Golf Institute — Lady Lake, FL


Initial Assignment: Re-name and re-brand the company.  Create the company’s first website and ad campaign.


Bend, Oregon Ad Agency: BN Branding


Solution: Build a whole new business model that turns the sales pitch into a money-making educational service.


John Ford’s not the type of guy who dishes out compliments. In fact, he’s one tough customer. But he’s been a client since 2006, and has stuck with BN Branding through three different business entities and multiple projects.

“Marketing is kind of an obsession of mine,” Ford said. “I’ve studied it. I’ve read tons of books. And I’ve worked with big-name advertising guys all across the country, but I keep going back to this little advertising agency in Bend, Oregon.”

“They have a process that I like, and they always deliver what they say they’re going to deliver. And damn… some of the advertising they’ve done for me is just brilliant.”

The BN Branding team started with a brand strategy, a value proposition and brand identity for GNL golf.  (The name, while an improvement over his previous brand name, was not up for debate.)

The work continued with a website, point-of-purchase materials, direct mail and print advertising.  In the process of developing Ford’s new website, BN Branding devised a whole new business model for GNL Golf.

“We have more leads and a better sales process than we’ve ever had before,”Ford said.  “We’re killing it with our putting clinics… basically getting people to pay us to learn and listen to our sales pitch.”

Recently Ford has begun work on a new golf brand that promises to be even more lucrative than his current operation in The Villages, FL. The BN Branding team has been intimately involved in all phases of that start-up; Developing the brand strategy and the business model, naming and brand identity development, writing and honing the investor pitch deck, devising a marketing plan and providing overall vision for the company.

Read more about the GNL case study here.




Marketing in the natural foods industry

Client: Azure Standard — The Dalles, OR


Bend, Oregon Ad Agency: BN Branding


Initial Assignment: Increase ad revenues in the company’s quarterly publication.


Solution: Revamp the magazine, launch a content marketing effort, and build industry goodwill.


Results:  Increased revenues 10x in just 12 months.


Azure Standard is a national distributor of natural foods and organic household products. Based in the tiny town of Dufur, Oregon it’s part organic family farm, part direct response marketing firm and part nationwide logistics company.

Initially, BN Branding was hired to increase the revenues for Azure’s quarterly sales catalog. Consumers all across rural America order bulk items from the quarterly publication. The products are then “dropped” off at community drop points, and families often drive long distances to pick up their orders. They’re a die-hard group of brand loyalists.

“Sometimes the best branding projects aren’t focused on end customers,” said Debbie Pantenburg, CMO at Azure.

The BN Branding team devised the Azure Indie Partner Program that targeted Azure’s vendors, industry partners and potential vendors in order to build the Azure brand from the inside.

“What they created was a strategically brilliant concept that transformed Azure’s position in the industry. They rallied suppliers, team members and customers around a common cause. The idea went right to our core values, and helped define a business model that differentiates Azure from the competition.”

BN Branding was a key partner on Azure’s marketing team. Once the magazine was producing a record volume of ad revenues, there were videos to produce and a book full of ads to design for vendors.

“Azure has a special place in the hearts of vendors as well as consumers,” Pantenburg said.  “Many of our vendors are small companies that can’t afford marketing on their own, so any help they get from us is golden.”







Real Estate advertising and branding

Client: Morris Hayden — Bend, OR


Bend, Oregon Ad Agency: BN Branding


Initial Assignment: Naming, brand identity and website design


Results: Successfully launched a new brand in a highly crowded market and later sold it for a 12x ROI.


Morris Hayden was a property management company and real estate brokerage in Bend, Oregon. We did the naming, created this brand identity, and built a highly functional website that enabled the owner to achieve her dream… a highly profitable sale of the company.

“Bend is overrun by realtors, investors and property management companies,” said Erika Morris, founder & former owner of Morris Hayden. “BN Branding helped us stand out from the crowd and added immediate value to the company.”

“We needed the website to be just as functional as all the rest, with the MLS listings and all that, plus it had to look different. The idea of Rosey the Riveter was perfect for us. We got compliments on that site all the time, and it was a big factor in my successful exit from the business. ”





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Marketing in the tourism industry

Client: Black Butte Ranch

Bend, Oregon Advertising Agency: BN Branding


Assignment: Brand re-fresh, advertising, resort signage, collateral, direct mail.


Results: A record number of heads in beds


When it comes to weekend getaways and quintessential Oregon scenery, Black Butte Ranch is a beloved, family tradition. It’s a mainstay in the Pacific Northwest travel industry, but after 40 years in business the place needed a complete image makeover.

“When I was at Black Butte Ranch we had a number of major capital projects going,” said Preston Thompson, former Director of Marketing.  We built a new pool complex, redesigned both of the golf courses, and basically gave the whole place a major face lift. BN Branding was a big part of that reinvention process.”

As the resort’s advertising agency of record BN Branding started by researching the history of the area and writing “the book” on the Black Butte Ranch brand. Fifteen years later that book is still sitting on the GM’s desk.

“That brand book gave all the managers a clear vision for both the heritage of the brand, as well as the future vision for the resort,” Thompson said. Over the next few years BN Branding updated the original logo, which dated back to 1968.  Then they produced new beautiful signage throughout the resort, and did some great advertising campaigns for us.”

BN Branding’s print ads, radio ads and direct mail work put heads in beds and helped Black Butte Ranch increase their golf revenues dramatically. One seasonal promotion literally broke the resort’s phone system, and pushed the management to upgrade their reservations system entirely.

“I think the radio campaign that John and his team did for us was some of the best radio work I’ve ever heard. It was “out there” for Black Butte and yet it was right on brand. The storytelling, the script writing, the choice of talent, the sound design… it was amazing.”







Branding a Non-Profit Organization

Client: Working Wonders Children’s Museum


Bend, Oregon Advertising Agency: BN Branding


Assignment: Launch a new non-profit brand from the ground up.


Launching a start-up is hard. Launching a start-up non-profit organization is even harder.

In the early 2000s BN Branding was the advertising agency that helped build Working Wonders Children’s Museum from the ground up. The broad variety of creative pro-bono work was one of the most rewarding assignments in the history of the agency.

In the earliest stages of development BN Branding helped research the category and develop a strategic plan by traveling the country, visiting other children’s museums, and interviewing executive directors and board members. From that, a “museum without walls” strategy was adopted.

For three years the museum existed only as a grass-roots organization with pop-up exhibits and activities at community events. Even though there was no actual museum building, the brand was already becoming well known around Bend, Oregon.

BN Branding devised the name, tagline and brand identity for Working Wonders.  The team helped with fundraising and board development, wrote their mission statement and ran advertising to support those first community events.

When it came time to open a physical location, the team helped conceptualize the space, create the exhibits design the  signage and build the playful, hands-on spaces in the museum itself. It was a labor of love.

Sadly, when the economy hit rock bottom in 2009 Working Wonders was forced to close its doors. The lesson learned?  Non profits that do not have multi-million-dollar endowments will not withstand a global economic melt-down.







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Here's what they say about us:


“As a CFO, I’m pretty leery of branding firms. Most of them just end up costing the company a lot of money, without any measurable results. But John Furgurson has a good head for business and he grasps the importance of results. His batting average is very good. Plus, he looks for ways to save money, not just spend it. I wish we would have spent more with BN Branding, and less with the other firms we’ve hired.”

Carl Rigney

CFO and franchise owner

“From a branding standpoint, we were pretty well lost before we hired BN Branding. They’ve helped us organize our product lines, create a comprehensive brand strategy, and design two fantastic brands. It’s been a great combination of strategic consulting and creative design… I’ve been very impressed.”

Dan Corrigan

Organic 3

“As an interior designer I really appreciate the art and craftsmanship of the work they do at BN Branding. Their design work is meticulous and very well thought out. John Furgurson is the consummate professional… always delivers what he says he’s going to deliver. They did my website and some very nice printed sales materials. It’s first rate. I would definitely recommend them.”

Lisa Slayman

Slayman Cinema

“My “aha” moment with BN Branding was truly remarkable.  They helped me recognize a far broader application for my product.  They also went above and beyond with their namestorming process and came up with Kittigan Crossboats. My relatively small, early investment with BN Branding was immensely worthwhile.  John is a skilled strategist with some mad creative skills. “

Michael Grant

Kitigan CrossCanoes

“We didn’t think we needed an ad agency, but when we found BN Branding, our website was in a state of emergency. They took great interest in our products and took the time to get familiar with our business model and our clientele. John came up with the new name and logo. And when the site was finished and launched, our selling proposition was much more clear, which led to more online sales without the “pre-call”.  I would recommend BNBranding to anyone looking for any marketing.”

Scott Beydler

Beydler CNC

BN Branding News

National brand launch in the supplements industry.

Sept 10, 2020

Dan Corrigan and his partners at Organic 3 knew they needed help with their branding. They had a successful ecommerce operation with one of the leading brands of probiotics, but they were selling their products under a hodge-podge of names with no clear brand strategy.

“We were all over the place,” Dan said. “We thought we wanted to keep the GutPro name, and introduce a new name for our other lines. We even had a name in mind, but we ran into some trademark issues with that.  Luckily, the team at BN Branding pointed us in a much better direction.”

Smidge, small batch supplements.

BN Branding invented a whole new category of supplements and devised the brand name and new identity for Organic 3. It was a classic case of choosing the one name that produced the most devisive feedback in early research.

“People either loved it, or hated it,” said John Furgurson, Creative Director at BN Branding. “That’s how we knew that Smidge was going to be a winning brand. “We just had to show the team enough other good names, and wait till all the partners came back around to Smidge. I give them a lot of credit for being brave, and diving into the new identity with both feet.”

Once the naming process was complete the BN Branding team designed the brand identity, the packaging, advertising concepts and the entire look and feel for all Smidge stuff. See it all at




Big things happening for our client in the proptech software industry.

July 16, 2019

SaleFish Software is a SAAS company out of Toronto that serves residential real estate developers. Rick Haws, SaleFish CEO, hired BN Branding initially to do a new website. However, as the research & discovery work progressed we determined that SaleFish needed to rebrand itself in order to achieve the goals that Rick set out.

The scope of work has progressed from a simple website refresh to a new brand identity, collateral materials, video production, content marketing and digital advertising.

“I’m very happy with the new branding,” Haws said. “It came together perfectly… with the new logo and the new site, and some new sales materials… now we’re poised to expand our global reach.”


Bend branding firm redesigns GutPro packaging

Jan 2, 2019

Organic 3 Inc., makers of Gut Pro probiotics and owner of Corganic Ecommerce has hired BN Branding to design a new brand identity and packaging for their GutPro line of probiotics and enzymes.



Bend, Oregon advertising agency BN Branding chosen to help launch a new health benefits company in California.

Nov 15, 2018

Bend, Oregon branding firmIncentive Health of Bakersfield, California has hired BN Branding to help them stir things up in the health benefits arena. The Bend, Oregon advertising agency is working on a brand strategy, go-to-market plan, website, sales materials and a tactical marketing plan for the new company.

“This is a fantastic opportunity for us to help create a disruptive new brand, from the ground up,” said John Furgurson, owner of BNBranding. “We’re going to change the way CEOs look at health benefits. It’s exciting.”

Until now, CEOs have faced a difficult decision when doing their annual review of health benefits.

“It’s always been a trade off,” Furgurson said. “They had to choose between their people and their profits. It’s a no-win. But now there’s an alternative to that.”


BNBranding launches new website and ecommerce store for Coconut Secret

Aug, 2018

BNBranding website for Coconut SecretWe’re proud to be working Leslie’s Organics, makers of the Coconut Secret Brand of natural foods. Leslie and Randy chose BN Branding to launch an ecommerce website and provide tactical marketing assistance.

Coconut Aminos is the nation’s #1 selling brand of soy-free Asian condiments. They also have a delicious line of candy bars, chocolate bars and granola bars, all sweetened with coconut nectar. So we’re getting some tasty photography for that. (Thanks to Mike Houska, at Dogleg Studios.)


Read more news »

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Coconut Secret logotype and tagline by BNBranding

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