A great website is an integral part of any branding effort. That’s where you can tell your story, define your purpose, differentiate your company and make a brilliant first impression.

A more strategic approach to web development.

Unfortunately, Most small business websites are nothing more than bad corporate brochures in electronic form. Everywhere you look there are cookie-cutter templates, lousy stock photos and “keyword-rich” copy that sounds like it was rendered by a robot rather than written by a pro. It’s like paint-by-numbers, and the results are mind-numbing.

We do web development differently.

In fact, we don’t do one-off web development projects — We only do sites for our clients who are committed to a larger branding effort. Because a site built in a vacuum will never move the needle for your business.

When you get a website from BN Branding you’ll get more than just clear communication and great creative. You get a business asset that’ll pay off for years to come. Because we use a multi-disciplined, team approach; A brand strategist, designer and developer all work closely with you or your team to build a site that checks all the boxes.

It’s no different than another tactical marketing tool that we execute… Your website will be anchored by a sound brand strategy. It will be radically different than your competitor’s sites. And it will be highly relevant to your consumers.

Learn about a more effective approach to website design.

Are you needing web development services? Take your company to the next level with branding and website design from BN Branding.
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Starting a company or launching a new product? What are you going to call it? Quick! You need a really good name you can build into a million dollar brand. My new book can help. It’s a quick and easy insider’s guide to naming that will save you time, and make you money.

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