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Brand Identity Development — Logo, schmogo!

It’s time to dispel, once and for all, the most common misconception in the marketing world: Just because you have a logo and some “branded” merchandise doesn’t mean you have a Brand.

Logo and brand are not synonymous.

Your logo, typography and color palate are important elements of brand identity design, but it takes more than just design to build an iconic Brand.

Our brand identity design process is a words-first approach, with a strategy, a name and a tagline that will become the backbone of your brand.

It’s strategic message development, and it’s a critical step that most people skip right over.

Sure, design cues are important, but don’t overlook the power of words and sound. (Echoic memory is far more reliable than visual memory.)

Nothing is more important than the nuances of your brand name.

The name storming process is the hardest part of identity development. We have a process for that too, that makes it a little less subjective and a lot more productive.

Last but not least, our design team dives into the artistic execution of your brand identity.

Since the foundation has already been laid, it’s fairly easy to deliver memorable designs that are also aligned with your strategy.

So you get a comprehensive collection of words, images, art and type that work seamlessly together to define and differentiate your company.

It’s a holistic, multi-disciplined approach that is tremendously more valuable than graphic design alone.

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Naming and brand identity design from BN Branding
No, this isn’t an ad. This is the rebranding we did for Organic 3 Inc. Not just a name and logo… we invented a whole new product category.


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