The best brands are symbolic. Magnetic. Emphatic. 
They don't just stand out, they stand up.


What does it take to turn an average business into an iconic brand?

First it takes insight to spot opportunities and develop a decisive strategy. Insight is the foundation of every ground-breaking idea in history. Insight drives the strategy that directs the execution that produces results.

But you also need expert execution… One without the other is like a Ferrari without a throttle.

With BNBranding you get a sensible combination of both. It’s insight first, then execution. It’s what to say, and how to say it.


Turn on the creativity. 
Bathe in new ideas and brighten up your outlook on business.


With BNBranding creative energy will infuse your team and shed new light on your marketing efforts.

Everyone needs a fresh perspective once in a while. Because you’re too close to it. Too stuck in the day-to-day to see the opportunities missed.

For instance, what story are you telling?

Chances are, your competitors are sharing facts, not telling stories. (And they might not even be very compelling facts.)

BNBranding can help differentiate you by pinpointing the most relevant brand stories and then delivering them in creative new ways.

It’s a unique combination of big, creative ideas, expert strategic thinking, and painstaking marketing management. We’ll take a tremendous burden off your shoulders by pulling together all the pieces of the marketing puzzle.


Get Inspired. It only takes 15 minutes.

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“Vision without action is a just a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare.” – Japanese proverb

Golf Industry Marketing & Advertising - GNL Golf

John Ford has been a client — off and on — since 2006. We’ve done his brand strategy, brand identity, website, content marketing, direct response, point-of-purchase (right) print advertising and now we’re helping him launch a new start-up business. He’s one tough customer.

“I dive into subjects head first, especially marketing. It’s kind of an obsession of mine,” Ford said. “I’ve worked with big-name marketing guys and  firms across the country, but I keep going back to John Furgurson.”

“We get frustrated with each other sometimes because we don’t think alike. At all. I’m very analytical. But John always has good ideas. He has a process and he always delivers what he says he’s going to. And damn… some of the work he’s done for me is just brilliant. We have more leads and a better sales process than we’ve ever had before.”

Here’s the case study on GNL Golf. 

BN Branding


This is business - where you grow or die. You need results. Nuts and bolts. Dollars and sense.


We make CFOs smile. Because our brand of marketing makes good business sense.

Not all marketers are smart business people. And not all business people are good at marketing. We offer a refreshing combo of both. It’s a right-brain/left-brain approach.

the branding process at BNBranding

We don’t just thinking creatively about your next ad campaign. We think creatively about your entire business model. Because we’ve seen how marketing initiatives can effect operations, production, HR, logistics and yes, even finance. For better or worse.

No bones about it… You’re in business to make money. You need a marketing team with a disciplined process that produces results.

Everything we do is based on three branding fundamentals: Relevance, credibility, and differentiation. We help our clients move the needle on all three counts. And when that happens, the bottom line always looks good.

We work within realistic budget parameters and set tangible, accountable goals. So we’re not just throwing money at the problem. And we’re not generating leads that translate into no real revenue.


“As a CFO, I’m pretty leery of branding firms. Most of them just end up costing the company a lot of money, without any measurable results. But, I guess that’s not always true. John Furgurson has a good head for business and he grasps the importance of results. Does he hit a home run every time? No. But it’s getting more and more measurable all the time. Plus, he looks for ways to save money, not just spend it. I wish we would have spent more money with John, instead of some of the other folks out there.”

Carl Rigney

CFO and franchise owner

Want tangible results? Here are a few dramatic examples of what we have accomplished:

Email campaign for a non-profit produced a 520% increase in click-through rate from their previous best. New ad buy dramatically increased exposure and web visits while saving the organization more than $15,000 a year.

Business-to-business marketing initiative tripled the ad revenues for Azure’s bi-monthly magazine.

New name, new brand identity and new advertising for Widgi Creek Golf Club produced a 210% increase in memberships in a highly competitive golf market.

 Sales incentive program for a $30 million manufacturing company boosted morale and increased sales 26% in just two years.

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Cut left. Pivot right. Pass on the corners and leave everyone in the rear-view mirror.


In business, things seldom turn out exactly as planned… Markets change, people leave, products evolve, but Brands endure.

If you need to change directions it pays to reflect on your passion and on the heart of your brand. This is not navel-gazing, it’s crucially important strategic thinking that you probably missed the first time.

PW brandWe can help with insight on your key messages, audience, competition, products, value proposition and brand stories. Once we have the new brand strategy clearly mapped out, we help you execute your marketing plan in amazing new ways.

Every case is different, but execution sometimes starts with a name change or a new website with sharper, more relevant messages and much higher conversion rates. Often we include online videos that help reframe the discussion. Social media campaigns can help, as well as new packaging and traditional advertising.

The solutions change, but the results are the same… When we’re done, your company will be heading in a new direction based on a fundamentally sound brand.


Branding in the Natural Foods Industry - Laird Superfood Inc.

Laird Superfood is a recent start-up that’s experiencing explosive growth. We helped them with an investor pitch, trade advertising, packaging design, message development and printed sales materials.

“In this sort of crazy, fast-paced environment, you need people who can jump right in and get stuff done,” said Paul Hodge, CEO. “John has a lot of experience in the natural foods industry, so he’s been a great resource for us. He helped us get established with our first national distributor, and things have just exploded from there.”

BN Branding


Nervy gets noticed, tweeted, talked up. Timid gets trounced.
The meek don't win market share, cocky bastards do.


It’s better to be offensive to some, than remembered by none.

In business, it’s all a gamble. In order to win big you have to stick your neck out.

Marketing is no different. The campaigns that produce the best results are based on genuine consumer insight and big, bold ideas. They don’t tiptoe around important issues or sidestep major objections.

They tackle them head on.

So if you want to operate under the radar and maintain business as usual, you’re probably not a good fit for BNBranding. But if you want to step out and disrupt the market, give us a call. 541-815-0075. It’s surprisingly affordable.


Restaurant Marketing - The Where-To-Eat-Guide

The owner of The Where-To-Eat-Guide wasn’t afraid to offend restaurant owners. He hit them right between the eyes with ads, email, direct mail and printed sales materials that helped him expand his publishing business from Bend, to Portland, to Seattle and eventually Napa.

“I didn’t think I needed a branding firm,” said John Herbik. “I figured I could do a lot of it myself, with just some freelancers. But I need to thank John for his insight on branding and marketing. The stuff he did really got attention. And he was very helpful on my book project.”


Learn more about gutsy, memorable brands on the Brand Insight Blog.

BN Branding

Paninis - Where-To-Eat-Guide