Golf Industry marketing – case study

John Ford’s not the type of guy who dishes out compliments. In fact, he’s one tough customer. But he’s been a client since 2006, and has stuck with BN Branding through three different business entities and multiple projects.

“Marketing is kind of an obsession of mine,” Ford said. “I’ve studied it. I’ve read tons of books. And I’ve worked with big-name advertising guys all across the country, but I keep going back to this little advertising agency in Bend, Oregon.”“

“They have a process that I like, and they always deliver what they say they’re going to deliver. And damn… some of the advertising they’ve done for me is just brilliant.”

The BN Branding team started with a brand strategy, a value proposition and brand identity for GNL golf.  (The name, while an improvement over his previous brand name, was not up for debate.)

The work continued with a website, point-of-purchase materials, direct mail and print advertising.  In the process of developing Ford’s new website, BN Branding devised a whole new business model for GNL Golf.

“We have more leads and a better sales process than we’ve ever had before,”Ford said.  “We’re killing it with our putting clinics… basically getting people to pay us to learn and listen to our sales pitch.”

Recently Ford has begun work on a new golf brand that promises to be even more lucrative than his current operation in The Villages, FL. The BN Branding team has been intimately involved in all phases of that start-up; Developing the brand strategy and the business model, naming and brand identity development, writing and honing the investor pitch deck, devising a marketing plan and providing overall vision for the company.

Read more about the GNL case study here.

Golf industry marketing case study
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golf industry marketing by BN Branding
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  • Client: The Golf Institute — Lady Lake, FL
  • Initial Assignment: Re-name and re-brand the company. Create the company’s first website and ad campaign.
  • Bend, Oregon Ad Agency: BN Branding
  • Solution: Build a whole new business model that turns the sales pitch into a money-making educational service.

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