COPA Kids case study –
Medical practice marketing

Thanks to Debbie Pantenberg’s marketing leadership, Central Oregon Pediatrics now has 67% market share. And before that, she worked with BN Branding on several other client projects.

“I’ve worked with a variety of different agencies, but I gotta say, the team at BN Branding is my go-to source for creative. I think they’re really good at it because they help me devise the strategy before hand. It’s a smarter, more efficient approach.”

“They have a process that I like, and they always deliver what they say they’re going to deliver, Patenberg said. “And dang… some of the advertising they’ve done for me at COPA is just brilliant.”

The BN Branding team has worked with Pantenburg on a wide variety of initiatives, campaigns and projects in medical practice marketing. All of which fit within the strategic parameters they’ve set together.

“I’ve worked closely with John and his team for more than 15 years. He’s a trusted, reliable source of creative inspiration for me. But like I alway tell him, he’s way more than that. He’s also one of the bests strategists I’ve ever worked with. He really gets it. So no matter what we’re working on, I always know it’s going to be on-brand for COPA. We don’t waste time messing around with ideas that are out of left field.”

Pantenburg believes in letting the medium dictate the message. The first job was print advertising in newspapers and magazines. Then came in-room informational posters that she used to decorate their new clinic. There have been event-driven promotional campaigns, as well as digital campaigns and highly-targeted sales activations.

“We’ve done a fair amount of medical practice marketing, and COPA’s a fun one to work on for several reasons,” Furgurson says. “How often do you have a legitimate reason to use cute babies in your ads? That’s a no-brainer. But it’s also been great to see how far we can take that, like into their recruitment efforts. Debbie and I work really well together – she recognizes great work rewards us for it.”

See more examples of our work for COPA.

Medical practice marketing case study COPA and BN Branding
medical practice marketing case study COPA and BN Branding
  • Client: Central Oregon Pediatric Associates (COPA)
  • Initial Assignment: Print advertising
  • Bend, Oregon Ad Agency: BN Branding
  • Solution: Devise a brand strategy that’s fitting for a market leader, and execute it in brilliantly fun fashion in all different forms.


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