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Successful Brand Advertising: We have the ideas. Do you have the guts?

Successful advertising hinges on three things: Creativity, consistency and guts.

If you don’t run your ads with enough frequency you won’t get the results you want.

If your ads are familiar looking, similar sounding, or anything short of unique, they will be ignored no matter where they run.

If you don’t run a mix of brand advertising plus response-driven sales activation ads, you won’t build the brand you’re dreaming of.

If you want a successful advertising campaign, at some point, you’re going to have to approve ideas and plans that seem completely “out there.” Yes, it’s scary. Yes, it probably feels like a tremendous leap of faith, embracing ads that are unlike anything in your industry. But look at it this way:

Creative, category-busting advertising is the easiest way to differentiate yourself. Your product might be similar, but it’s easy to make advertising that’s surprisingly different.

If you study your biggest competitor, and learn how they got to be #1, you’ll inevitably find that they broke some rules of their own. They did not imitate their way to the top. No way.

So don’t mimic the advertising of your biggest competitor.

Look to what they were doing when they were still young and hungry. Be inspired by their early moves and their gutsy execution.

We can help you with that. Whether it’s a digital campaign, radio, a series of videos, or traditional print and broadcast advertising.

Our advertising services vary dramatically from one client to the next. Every case is different, and every solution is custom, so you choose where to start and how far to go. If you just want to put your toe in the water with one small project, that’s okay.

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