Superior Foods Case Study

Craig Forrest is a veteran sales executive from the frozen food industry. After 20 years in the business he wanted to launch a brand from the ground floor, so he teamed up with his old friends at Superior Foods Int. and with BN Branding.

“I had a general sense of what I wanted this new brand to be, but John and his team at BN Branding helped flesh it out and literally brought it to life,” Craig said.

BN Branding began with secondary research and a thorough brand strategy that helped Craig and his partner solidify their vision for the new business. Then they dove into the naming process.

“BN Branding has a really great system for namestorming and branding in the natural foods industry that takes some of the guesswork out of the process,” Craig said. “It’s never easy, and it took some time for the lawyers to sort out the trademark registration, but we’re thrilled with the name Eathos and the tagline. It’s a winner.”

Once the naming process was complete the BN Branding team designed the brand identity and wrote the book on the Eathos brand. That brand bible is still the guidebook for everything they do at Eathos,

“The brand bible’s been tremendously helpful for our entire team,” Craig said. “It’s been a great guide for our discussions with our vendor, with brokers and for pitches to prospective retailers. It was instrumental in landing 800 Target stores.”

The brand book also guides the packaging design. BN Branding designed the boxes for the first eight frozen entrees, as well as bags and cases for four different club store items. (Eathos is currently available in 800 Target stores and will be rolling out in Costco later in 2022)

They did all that while simultaneously delivering the website: 

In addition, BN Branding devised a hyper-targeted digital ad campaign that produced 20% lift in velocity during two short time periods right after launch.

“By zeroing in on specific Super Target stores we were able to produce a good lift,” Craig said. “Now we just need to be in more retail locations. Then we can duplicate that advertising in many more markets.”

BN Branding’s range of services also includes PR outreach, social media, trade show booth design and branded merch. See more examples from our portfolio.

Food branding by BN Branding
branding in the natural foods industry
branding in the natural foods industry
  • Client: Superior Foods Int. — Watsonville, CA
  • Brand: Eathos – Premium, plant-based frozen foods
  • Bend, Oregon Ad Agency: BN Branding
  • Initial Assignment: Create a new frozen food brand, from scratch.
  • Solution: Brand Strategy, Naming, Identity Design, Packaging Design, Web Design and Development.

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