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A lot of businesses fail. Despite your best intentions, expert status, and meticulous planning, over 80% of new businesses do not last 3 years.

Our mission, at BN Branding, is to help you avoid that. 

It begins with a mindset of lifelong learning. Just keep learning and you will immediately jump ahead of half your competitors. 

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Most marketing content these days is written by low-cost freelancers from overseas who have never worked in marketing. 

Or worse yet, it’s written by AI bots that just scour the internet and cut and paste the same old crap over and over again.

With the Brand Insight Blog you get a unique perspective on all things marketing related.

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We share our real-world experience, insight and expertise freely. Here’s a sampling of the topics we’ve recently covered: 

We’ve been in the trenches for more than 30 years. We’ve worked with all sorts of companies, from Fortune 500 high tech firms to mom & pop ecommerce shops. 

Why better mousetraps often fail
Why better mousetraps often fail
Marketing as a three-ring circus
A peek behind the curtain of digital ad agencies
How to succeed even if you’re a reluctant self promoter
How NOT to think about marketing

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