Quit your whispering. Your brand has a voice... Find it, shout it, turn it up louder!


Here's what we do every day to help cleints get heard:


Brand Strategy.

Your brand is the heart and soul of your business. We help you define it, communicate it, and integrate brand thinking into every facet of your business.

Advertising Agency Services

Our ad campaigns get noticed. And remembered. On TV, on the radio, in print or in digital form. Highly targeted Digital Advertising campaigns are memorable, and trackable.

Strategic Storytelling.

Advertising services begin with memorable, relevant stories in every form, from long-format videos and websites to tiny little tweets and 30-second tv spots.

Message Development.

Don’t know what to say to sway people? We devise clear, compelling messages that produce results, no matter what you’re doing. From value propositions to pitch decks, to taglines and tweets.

Graphic Design.

For brand identities, packaging, printed materials, websites, collateral, advertising and anything else you need.

Website design and development.

Modern, nresponsive websites using persuasion architecture, memorable graphics and great copy.

Marketing Planning.

Both strategic and tactical. We’ll help you prioritize the ever-growing marketing to-do list and provide a clear roadmap for the highest ROI possible.


We believe words have great power. When your copy is both strategic and well-written, it produces results.

Content Marketing.

We do the research, interviews and writing you need to post exceptional, SEO-friendly articles. Then we’ll help you leverage the content into social media exposure. It’s all integrated.


The name of your business or new product is critical to your brand identity. We’ll make it memorable and protectable.

Social Media Marketing.

It’s hard to keep up with all the new outlets, and all the feedback you get. We’ll make sure all your posts are on message, and well-crafted.


“Branding” is a broad, often misunderstood discipline. Think of it this way… Branding is the process of getting attention in the marketplace, and continually proving that you deserve that attention. So it touches every facet of your business.

Rocket Science.

For our advertising services we borrow from several scientific disciplines, including archetypal psychology, heuristics, consumer behavior, cultural anthropology, behavioral economics and the latest research on neuro marketing. It’s part science, part art, and all hard work.


Make your story a real page-turner with dramatic dialog, memorable characters, exciting twists and a happy ending. Bravo!


How can myths, metaphors, archetypes and legends possibly improve your bottom line? What does that have to do with business?

It’s storytelling, the universal common denominator of every successful brand. The bread and butter of advertising agencies everywhere.

You see, your “Brand” is nothing more than a collection of the stories people tell themselves about your company. Therefore, branding success hinges on what you say and how you say it. That’s our sweet spot… Strategic message development plus award-winning story telling. In all forms… Online videos, radio campaigns, content marketing, website development, social media, television advertising, print advertising and direct response.

Marketing in the Natural Foods Industry - Azure Standard

Azure Standard is the biggest independent distributor of natural foods in the country. We devised the Azure Indie Partner Program that targeted Azure’s vendors, industry partners and potential vendors in order to build the Azure brand from the inside.

“Sometimes the best branding projects aren’t focused on end customers,” said Debbie Pantenburg, CMO at Azure. “What John created was a strategically brilliant concept that transformed Azure’s position in the industry. What he was able to do was connect suppliers, team members and customers in a common cause. The idea went right to our core values, and really helped define the business model that differentiates Azure from the competition.”

“I knew John as a copywriter – An advertising guy,” Pantenburg said. “But he proved to be a much bigger asset with all the work he did for Azure. He was a key partner on my marketing team. Besides the Indie Partner Program, he was also instrumental in the launch of our content marketing effort and advertising.”

BN Branding


Make your brand current, relevant, intelligent. Infuse your marketing with new ideas and the latest tools.


Even the strongest brands need an infusion of new thinking from time to time.

Maybe you need advertising that’s more convincing, or a website with better conversion rates. Perhaps it’s a packaging issue, or a sales video that needs attention. Whatever it is, our work has a way of cutting through — and sinking in. Because we do the thinking up front that enables us to do effective work on the back end.

We’ll devise strategic messages, shave superfluous words and polish designs for clarity and action. We add impact and flare to every project we touch, so your brand signals — and sales — are stronger than ever before.

Travel industry advertising & branding: Black Butte Ranch

We literally wrote the book on the Black Butte Ranch Brand. We also ran a ground-breaking radio ad campaign, devised seasonal promotions and produced new signage throughout the resort.

“The Black Butte brand was almost 40 years old, so I brought John and his team in to help us refresh the brand identity and boost sales,” said Marketing Director Preston Tompson.” The political climate there, with all the various stakeholders, made it tough. John managed the process really well, and eventually implemented the new identity throughout the entire resort. It took like five years to get the main highway sign done.”

“I think the radio campaign that John did for us was some of the best radio work I’ve ever heard. It was “out there” for Black Butte. A tough sell. And yet it was right on brand. The story telling, the script writing, the choice of talent… it’s amazing.”

BN Branding


Are you hidden in a hazy maze of choices? Lost in a storm of online competitors? We can help.


It’s not easy to differentiate yourself, especially on the web. And with so many new high tech marketing tools at your disposal, it’s also hard to decide which tactics deserve your attention.

We’ll help you navigate all that.

We believe technology is a great new weapon in our quiver. But it’s not the bow. Now, more than ever, marketing programs require solid strategic thinking, thorough planning, and mindful execution.

It still starts with good story telling. We do the thinking up front that enables us to do effective work on the back end. BNBranding can provide the SEO, content marketing, digital ad campaigns, local marketing and web design work you need to be memorable among the masses.

We add impact and flare to every piece we produce, so your brand signals — and sales — are stronger than ever before. Call today, and let us know what you need. 541-815-0075.

Real Estate advertising & branding - Morris Hayden

Morris Hayden is a property management company and real estate brokerage in beautiful Bend, Oregon. We created this brand identity for them and built a highly functional site that differentiates them at a glance.

“Bend is overrun by realtors, investors and people wanting to rent their houses for a few extra bucks, so it’s tough to stand out,” said Erika Morris, co-owner of Morris Hayden. “There are also a lot of people who do websites. There are even a lot of companies that specialize just in websites for realtors, but all of those sites look the same. That wasn’t going to cut it for us.”

“We wanted something that would accurately reflect who we are, as business owners, and set us apart from all those other sites,” said Laura Hayden. “It needed the site to be just as functional as all the rest, with the MLS listings and all that, plus it had to look different. The idea of Rosey the Riveter was perfect for us. We get compliments on that site all the time. It’s an integral part of our business.”

BN Branding


Get your ideas off the ground. Achieve critical velocity. Glide right past the competition.


If you have a new product or a business to get off the ground it pays to think like a brand, right from the get-go.

Great brands are relevant, credible and highly differentiated. They don’t look like the other guys, sound like them, or act like them. That’s what we do… we help turn upstart companies into iconic brands.

It’s a two-phased approach… The insight phase will give you a whole new perspective on your venture. It involves market research, message development, target audience segmentation, marketing planning and other strategic marketing initiatives.

The execution phase begins with a brand name that will tattoo itself into the brain of your prospects. Our naming process involves creative thinking plus definitive criteria that will make choosing one of many good names much easier. Then we design a logo, write a tagline, refine your pitch and deliver all the marketing tools you’ll need to go to market. It’s a proven, step-by-step process that brings great advertising ideas to fruition.

Start-up Marketing - Working Wonders Children's Museum

Launching a start-up is hard. Launching a start-up non-profit organization is even harder. BNBranding helped build Working Wonders Children’s Museum from the ground up. We devised the name, tagline and brand identity, helped with fundraising and board development, wrote their mission statement and acted as the museum’s advertising agency. We even helped create and build the playful, hands-on spaces in the museum itself. It was a labor of love.

BN Branding